About Us

Ignite: to set afire, to cause to burn, to render luminous, to set in motion, spark.

Our mission is to create experiences that will inspire other women to find joy in movement and confidence in outdoor adventure! 

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Our Story

Ignite Movement began in 2021 with three friends living in Heber City, a small community on the back side of the Wasatch Mountains. We love to be outside doing fun things, and our beautiful valley has provided the perfect playground for outdoor adventure every season of the year. 

Whatever the season calls for--skiing, biking, hiking, swimming, backpacking--we love to get our girlfriends together and head outside! Over the years, we have each had amazing mentors in our lives who have taught and encouraged us to do all the fun things we love to do. Now, we want to share our love, experience, and passion with other women who are ready for new adventure.

We hope our Ignite Movement events will be fun, safe spaces for women to try new things, learn new skills, discover new passion, and find confidence in their own abilities.

We can't wait to meet you!

-Jen, Anna, and Turia

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