Back Packing 101: The Day Hike!

Updated: Feb 22

The day hike... a chance to escape the routines, breathe some fresh air, move your body and ignite your brain! Whether you're after a quick hour to clear your mind or a full day and a spectacular summit, being prepared is ALWAYS more fun!

The original Ten Essentials list was assembled in the 1930s by The Mountaineers, a Seattle-based organization for climbers and outdoor adventurers, to help people be prepared for emergency situations in the outdoors.

Ten Essential Systems... with a few of our own tips thrown in!

  1. Navigation: map, compass, altimeter, GPS device We LOVE the GAIA and TopoMaps apps!

  2. Headlamp: plus extra batteries on longer hikes Better safe than sorry!

  3. Sun protection: sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, hat

  4. First aid: All the basics, including foot care Leukotape P!, (don't forget bug spray!)

  5. Knife

  6. Fire: matches, lighter, tinder Vaseline-covered cotton balls in a pill bottle!

  7. Shelter: a light emergency bivy or emergency space blanket. Handwarmers are easy and light on those winter hikes!

  8. Extra food: Beyond the minimum expectation Extra candy is always a crowd-pleaser!

  9. Extra water: Beyond the minimum expectation 2 cups per hour, more on a hot day! Also, properly hydrate BEFORE your hike! A LifeStraw personal water filter is always a bonus! Water bottles or reservoir of your liking.

  10. Extra clothes: Beyond the minimum expectation. An ultralight rain jacket is money well-spent and you'll NEVER regret packing your light-weight hooded down! A lightweight pair of gloves can change your life on cold mornings or unexpectedly cold or wet adventures!

Things we may add to this list include toilet paper, a whistle, mace/pepper spray, and a credit card and ID. Adj