Road Biking 101: Tips for a Successful Ride


Follow the rules of the road

  • Same rights and responsibilities as drivers-ride with traffic flow

  • Obey all traffic laws. If at a stop light and no traffic around (90 seconds) cyclists may ride through light. In a rural setting at a stop sign, if no cars cyclists may ride through if no traffic

  • Ride single file, may ride 2 abreast if not impeding traffic

  • 3-foot rule between cyclists and cars

Be Predictable

  • Do not swerve, ride in a straight line

  • Give signals 3 seconds ahead to turn or stop (left turn-left arm out straight, right turn-left arm bent and hand upward OR right arm out straight, Stop-left arm bent and hand extended down).

  • No sudden stops

Be Conspicuous

  • Wear bright clothing

  • Tail lights and head lamps dusk and dawn and heave traffic

  • Make eye contact with drivers

Think ahead-Be prepared

  • Pay attention to surroundings-car doors, potholes, road conditions, drivers, pedestrians, rocks, road debris, train tracks etc…

  • Have a repair kit, tube, pump, tire levers and Allen wrench with you

  • Have a credit car